Senior web developers design and create websites, as well as other online applications, which requires knowledge of programming languages, UI/UX principles, graphic design, and search engine optimization. In addition to their web development duties, senior web developers are often responsible for training junior web developers.

In today’s digital age, virtually every company in every niche needs a website, allowing senior web developers to find employment in any industry. Some specialize in certain industries, while others work for firms that have clients across many industries. Most senior web developers work in a traditional work environment, while some work remotely. As this is a project-based position, the number of hours worked in a week depends on one’s project load.

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Company Rules & Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations shall apply to all employees of the Company while in theCompany’s premise at all times including break times and overtime

  • User-friendlyEach employee must act in accordance with the company’s policies, orders, rules,regulations, guidelines etc. applicable from time to time.
  • User-friendlyProper registers must be maintained for easy tracking and record keeping.
  • User-friendlyProfessional staff working at client locations will need to observe the clients working hours and lunch break.
  • User-friendlyOccasionally you may require to take some time off during the course of the working day or you may wish to leave a little early.
  • User-friendlyIn professional services firms such as ours, fees earned are largely based on the actual number of hours worked to serve clients.